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4 Questions to Include in Your Blog Checklist

Do you have a blog? What should you check to ensure that your blog would appear as one of the results in various search engines? What SEO factors should you consider? These questions, along with others, will be answered later.
Before I continue, know that implementing all the SEO factors may NOT immediately boost your numbers. These items listed do not directly affect website rankings. However, it can affect the factors that influence website rankings. Let's go through the items that should be in your blog checklist.
1-2. Have you added the relevant page titles? How about the meta descriptions? For this part, I am referring to keywords. What is the main keyword of the post? The topic or keyword should reflect on both the title and description. Title should not be too short. It shouldn't be too long because there's a chance that the title tag would be truncated. Follow the character limits on your chosen platform.Meanwhile, meta descriptions should also contain the keyword or …

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